Coffee Reading and Writing the Future with Levon Kafafian

Posted On:
10 January, 2022
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Join Al-Bustan in a coffee reading and writing workshop led by Artist, Levon Kafafian.

Explore the traditional craft of reading fortunes and futures in the grounds of coffee with a twist. Together we cover the basics of brewing this special coffee, then dive into how to see and interpret the images in the cup. To deepen our practice, we will use the images found in a partner’s cup for a creative writing exercise envisioning the future.

The workshop will happen on Saturday, January 29, 2022, from 12-2 PM EST. Admission to the workshop is $5. Register for the event today!

About Levon Kafafian

Levon Kafafian tells stories of hybridity, healing and transition, weaving the worlds they envision into tangible objects and ephemeral, sensory experiences.

Their practice is fluid and playful, moving from costume and ritual to poetry and thematic social happenings.

They employ textile processes to build characters, worlds and scenarios that live beyond modern day borders, gender norms and time, dreaming of obscured pasts and potential futures through a queer diasporic lens.

Kafafian holds a BFA in Crafts from the College for Creative Studies and a BA in Anthropology from Wayne State University, both in Detroit, MI where they are based.