Listen to Muwashshah Songs

There are a number of well known songs in the Levant and North Africa that set Andalusian muwashshahat to music during the 20th century. Enjoy a few samples!

Billadhi Askara

Afdihi Dhabyan

Sihtu Wajdan

Sabah Fakhri – Qum Ya Nadim
قم يا نديم صباح فخري

Sabah Fakhri – Ayuha-l Saqi

ايها الساقي – صباح فخري

Jadaka-l Ghaythu / The Rain That Falls Upon You – lyrics by Ibn Al-Khatib, composer Taher Guizani
A nostalgic remembering of the golden times of Al-Andalus.  The poet implores God to water the soil of the land where he once lived and has beautiful memories.
– performed by Tunisian vocalist Sonia M’barek and Al-Bustan Takht Ensemble with Keystone State Boychoir